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Ancient technology – Pottery

23 May, 10am to 4pm, £75. Tutor Gordon Hayden

Roman Pottery Study Day

Is This Pot Roman? An introduction to Roman-period pottery

Pottery Intro_Pot

Do you have a piece of Roman pottery lurking in your garden? Learn how to identify Roman-period pots from prehistoric and medieval types with Roman pottery specialist Gordon Hayden. Discover what Roman-period pottery can inform us about changes in diet, eating habits and ceramic technology, brought about by the incorporation of Britain into the Roman Empire. The course will also demonstrate how and why archaeologists study pottery. The day will involve handling pot fragments found during excavations. By the end of the day the outcome is to be able to sort and identify different vessel types. You never know you may have a Roman villa hiding under your lawn!

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Bill Crumbleholme Glastonbury Ware Bowl

13 June, 10am to 4pm, £65. Tutor Bill Crumbleholme

 Make your own Iron Age Pottery

Spend a day learning about and making Iron Age pottery with Bill Crumbleholme. From digging clay (bring your own samples if you can), preparing it and then hand building pots. Watch a simple bonfire firing so that you know how to fire your pots at home. No experience needed. Any age (children must be part of a group with adults). Wear old clothes.

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12 September, 10am to 4pm, £75. Tutor Gordon Hayden

Pottery Study Day. Late Iron Age and Roman-period pottery found in Hampshire and West Sussex.

Pottery Advanced_Pot
This is an advanced pottery study day for both the field archaeologist and finds enthusiast. This study day with pottery specialist Gordon Hayden, will concentrate on the identification, production and use of pottery found in Eastern Hampshire and West Sussex, from the last decades of the Late Iron Age and throughout the Roman period. Using presentations and handling material found during recent excavations, the most common types of pottery found in this area will be studied. The morning session will focus on vessel type and fabric, and will involve an element of handling material found during recent excavations. The afternoon session will be a more pratical one, with the opportunity to sort, identify, record and date pottery. The objective of the day is to identify, date and differentiate between local, regional and imported pottery found in Hampshire and West Sussex.

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