Primary school visits

Butser Ancient Farm features buildings, technologies and activities spanning the Stone and Bronze Ages, Celts (Iron Age), Romans to Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Your school visit and on-site activities key directly into the current School Curriculum (2014).

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All students visiting the farm for a whole day will take part in at least 4 curriculum-relevant, hands on activities, enhancing the living, breathing experience of a ‘visit to the past’. The activities are  supervised by experienced Butser staff and have been designed around Curriculum topics. They help foster motor skills development, provide direct access to crafts and technologies of the period studied … and they’re fun. Staff and visiting helpers are encouraged to participate, too!

For a list and description of the activities you can do, click here: butser-school-activities

Because of the sheer breadth of history and pre-history with which we work, we recommend that school visitors focus on a period or periods, such as:

  • Stone Age + Bronze Age + Iron Age
  • Iron Age + Roman
  • Saxon + Viking or
  • Any single period.

Some activities might look similar for different periods, because they are applicable throughout those eras.


Cost for Sept 2017 – July 2018:
Full day visit with 4 activities and a talk: £9.25 + VAT at 20%
Half day visit with 2 activities and a talk: : £7.20 + VAT at 20%
The minimum charge is £185 + VAT (£222.00 incl VAT)
This is the equivalent to the cost of 20 children.

Please note:

During the cold, wet months of the year we cannot offer clunching, daubing or pottery. If you have chosen one of these activities, we will offer an alternative on the day.