The Farm

 Here is a taster of the buildings you will see if you visit Butser Ancient Farm. Scroll down to see a selection of farm photographs, video clips. Read about ongoing experiments in our Butser Ancient Blog or the blog of our resident archaeologist, Ryan Watts.

What you can see at Butser Ancient Farm:

The Stone Age area:


This building is reconstructed from archaeological evidence of an excavation near Bangor, North Wales. This house is surrounded by other interesting smaller Neolithic houses, representing the type of homes lived in by Stone Age people.

The Iron Age enclosure:


Our Iron Age enclosure consists of 6 houses from different parts of Britain, alongside many smaller structures depicting ideas of what may have been built using different numbers of posts.

Roman Villa:

2010-03-02 11.00.32

The Roman villa is based on one excavated at Sparsholt near Winchester. This was the first villa to be built with authentic materials and techniques for 1600 years and much was learned in the process.

The Saxon area:


The Saxon house is in the process of being constructed now (July 2015).  We are reconstructing this using archaeological evidence from the village of Chalton – just one mile down the road from Butser Ancient Farm.  Oak timbers from an ancient woodland near Soberton have been shaped with replica Saxon tools, by a hardworking team of staff and volunteers.

Click here to see the latest film clip from Solent TV about our Saxon build.



Thank you to Deepal Ratnayaka who set up this amazing photo of our Stone Age house while here with the Hants Astro group. You can see more of his photos on his website here.

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See our recent experiment shown on BBC 1’s Countryfile in the clip below:

The Butser Education Team on a training day.

The Butser Education Team on a training day.