Viking Magic, Hidden Gold

Viking Magic, Hidden Gold: Archaeological treasures and the stories they tell…

Saturday 5th October 7.30 – 9.30pm

Archaeologist and broadcaster, Mary-Ann Ochota joins forces with Jason Buck, Storyteller to bring history out from where it’s been buried in the ground, back to life and into stories.

£15 per ticket


Viking magic

Mary-Ann and Jason unearth a unique blend of archeology and storytelling, inspired by artefacts discovered across the British Isles, dating from the Iron Age to the Second World War.

Thousands of artefacts are discovered in the British Isles every year. Some of them earn their finders enormous sums of money, but most are priceless in a different way, telling the stories of our ancestors’ lives, revealing the secrets and beliefs of the folk who lived here before us. Mary-Ann and Jason reveal the exciting, intriguing, hilarious and sometimes ridiculous stories behind archaeological finds, famous and forgotten…

The Viking stone used to weave magic into cloth

The prehistoric spoons used to tell the future…

…and the human remains they lead us to

Buried treasure hidden from the Nazis

The golden ring that revealed a family tragedy

A fake nose and the lengths lovers will go to.

Saturday 5 October, Roundhouse Butser Ancient Farm

Evening Ages 12+, 7.30-9.30 pm Adult tickets only £15, there will be a bar available Book here

“History really coming to life with hilarity and tragedy all in one show” – Jani, Southampton

“The mix of artefact, fact, and fun was perfectly woven through the mix of stories. Great pairing of two story tellers” – Janet, Portsmouth

If you’d like to start your day with stories, join local storyteller Dawn Nelson for a Tarot Tales workshop from 10am to 1pm.

Mary-Ann Ochota is probably best known for popping up on telly, presenting shows like Time Team, Britain Afloat and Ancient Impossible. She specialises in archaeology, anthropology and adventure and has written two books on British archaeology: Hidden Histories: A Spotter’s Guide to the British Landscape and Britain’s Secret Treasures which profiles archaeologically priceless artefacts discovered by members of the public. This show – a fusion of myth, folklore and archaeological fact – is based on some of those intriguing objects. Find out more about Mary-Ann at and follow her on twitter and insta @MaryAnnOchota

Jason Buck Storyteller has been a performer most of his adult life, including gurning, comedy and sword swallowing, but his passion lies in stories – there’s nothing like getting lost in a story, the pictures in your head are better than film. Jason has written and published three collections of his own stories, won silver at 2017’s Grand Lying Contest and won ‘Best Bard’ at Profound Decisions’ ‘Theatre of Joy and Sorrow’. You can see more about him at and insta @JasonBuckStoryteller