Stone Age Experiments

The following experiments were carried out by David Freeman

NB: All houses within the Stone Age enclosure are built to match the original footprint of each excavated site. This includes the post-size and spacing. Materials used to construct each house are sourced to match those from the landscape, local to the excavation, at the time the original house was built.

Durrington Walls 851
Aim: Exploration and construction of a Neolithic house, based on the excavations at Durrington Walls. Construction may have included alternative roofing other than thatch. Walls made of wattle and daub. House to be fitted out and furnished in accordance with the archaeological evidence.

Ancillary Building to 851
Aim: Very small building of lightweight materials. To work in conjunction with 851 as described in the excavation report.

Chalk Spread
Aim: To be constructed according to the description in the excavation report. Attempt to understand and monitor.

Llandygai Longhouse
Aim: To explore the engineering and construction of a Neolithic longhouse. Constructed specifically as a resource for the education programme under the new National Curriculum.

Roof Trial
Aim: Construction and monitoring of a small poled roof. Poles to be chinked with chalk paste. To be left exposed through all seasons.

Llandygai longhouse

Llandygai longhouse