Voice of the Past. Stories, Music and Language workshops

Stories, music, language. Come and hear the voice of the past.

Traditional stories, ancient language and the sacred sounds of the past.












Saturday 27 July. £60. Sacred sounds of the past

This is a sound research workshop, with a creative and spiritual outlook. Listening is not a passive activity. The way we listen plays an important role in how we understand the past as well as ourselves in the modern world. Using modern research and cross-cultural techniques, combined with archaeological and historical evidence, we will explore the importance of sound in the past, with a focus on primal sacred sound. Multi-sensory aspects of sound will be considered in detail, looking at how it can improve creativity, spiritual focus, wellbeing and healing. By exploring sacred sound through discussion and practical activities, we can not only begin to understand more about our ancestors and how they lived and listened, but also pave the way for a better future for ourselves and a better connection with our own natural environment. The more we begin to truly listen, the more we hear. The workshop will involve basic playing of instruments and some simple singing/chanting, no musical experience is necessary. The course leader is Jez Smith, a period musician and historic life interpreter working in museums and heritage.

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Sunday 18 August, £50Faerytale, Folk & Fable. Part 1: The Story Collectors

From Basile to the Grimms we take  a brief look at the story collectors from the 15th century to present day with local writer and storyteller, Dawn Nelson. Discover the evolving nature of stories, explore some of the narratives of our childhood, listen to some of the old tales and learn more about the oral storytelling tradition.

In the afternoon there is the opportunity to have a go at sketching out your own fairytale to tell.

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Sunday 15 September, £50. Faerytale, Folk & Fable. 

Part 2: Tell Me A Story

Join local writer and storyteller, Dawn Nelson to explore the essence of fairytale, its structure, symbolism, tropes and motifs. You will build on the story you outlined in part one of this course and learn some basic storytelling techniques to bring your tale to life in the true tradition of oral storytelling. 

Please note, participants are advised to have completed Part 1 of this two-part course. If this is not possible please contact us and Dawn can provide you with some preparatory work so that you are up and running for the start of the course.

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Saturday 5 October, £35 morning workshop. Tarot Tales.

Italo Calvino, an Italian folklorist, was said to have outlined some of his novels using the Celtic Cross spread used in Tarot. Whether it’s a divination tool, a deep spiritual belief or a hobby, tarot holds magic for many and can unlock the key to countless stories.

Join local writer and storyteller, Dawn Nelson to unlock your story through tarot, oracle and/or story dice, and tell it. If you’d like to enjoy hearing some stories in the afternoon, stay for Viking Magic, Hidden Gold.

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