Vikings Attack!

Vikings Attack! – 21/22nd September 10am – 4pm. Normal admission prices apply.

DURING the Dark Ages in Britain, a terrifying new enemy launched blood-thirsty attacks on these shores, leaving a trail of panic and fear in their wake.
The Viking raids saw invaders from the North pillaging all over the UK, including in Hampshire.
But they were not the first Pagan invaders to wreak havoc on these islands. After the Roman’s deserted Britain many decades before, war bands of Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Franks made their way to these rich lands to make their new homes, forcing back the native Britons as they went.
These invaders became the Anglo-Saxons, and the new enemy was familiar to them – they shared the same ancestors.

This September, the Viking hoard of Wuffa from Suffolk have heard about the prosperous Hampshire farm of Butser and its surrounding lands and are planning a raid to take it for themselves, by whatever means necessary.
But Butser have a fearsome war band of Anglo-Saxons, the brutal Herigeas Hundas who call these lands their home and are prepared to fight to the death to keep what they hold sacred!
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see these two titans of history do battle in the grounds of Butser Ancient Farm, with Herigeas Hundas defending the magnificent Saxon hall from the marauding Vikings of Wuffa!

Get up close and personal with vicious warriors from both tribes, and touch, smell and see the day to day events of camp life, both on the road to war and in an established settlement.
Enjoy stories of Norse sagas and epic Saxon tales with story teller Dawn Nelson around the fire in the Saxon long hall