Video Gallery

Over the years, Butser has featured on a number of shows and programmes celebrating British life and prehistory. Please find a selection of videos about Butser below. You can find many more videos on our YouTube channel here.

We are proud to have received a recent award for our use of online video courtesy of From The Hip Video Production;


Below: Welcome to Butser Ancient Farm! Learn a little more about the farm with our introductory video.

Below: Beltain Festival 2017 on That’s Solent! TV

 Below: Celebrating National Parks with Liz Truss on BBC Breakfast in 2016.

Below: Butser Ancient Farm on an episode of BBC Countryfile in 2013.

 Below: A short history of Butser Ancient Farm, the ethos behind our project, and what sort of ideas you can explore during a visit to the farm.

Below: A short video on the sort of things visitors can expect to learn at the farm.

Below: Firing the Butser Roman Onager at Petersfield Heath!

Below: A short video on what information we have unearthed since starting the project at Butser Ancient Farm.

Below: A short video on our Saxon longhouse project.

Below: More information on our Saxon house, based on archaeological evidence from a Saxon settlement in Chalton, Hampshire.

Below: A video of our Family Archaeology Day, which we host in July every year to get local families involved with archaeology, traditional crafts and the countryside.

Below: A very old video of actor Ben Affleck, who visited Butser Ancient Farm years ago to film an American children’s programme about the Celts.