Storytelling and Language workshops

Storytelling and language. Come and hear the voice of the past.

“There was a very good balance set between theory, history and learning in the morning and active idea generation, writing and sharing in he afternoon.”

“My expectations were well exceeded.”

Storytelling alice in wonderland mouse tells a tale

16 May, 10am to 4pm, £50. Tutor Dawn Nelson. Storytelling

Faerytale, Folk & Fable Workshop: The Story Collectors

From Basile to the Grimms the workshop takes a brief look at the story collectors from the 15th century to present day in order to discover the evolving nature of stories, explore the narratives of our childhood and learn more about the oral storytelling tradition.

In this one day fairytale spree through the stories of the collectors we explore the essence of fairytale, its structure, symbolism, tropes and motifs. In completing this the workshop participants will be able to identify the corner stones of a great story, their basic structure and elements.

During the day there is the opportunity to listen to some of these stories told by DD a professional storyteller and, in the afternoon, start to look at a fairytale of your choosing and understand the elements and structure within it using the the theory learnt during the day. In this way, we begin our journey as storytellers.

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Photo: Ross Underwood

27 June, 10am to 4pm, £50. Tutor Dawn Nelson. Storytelling.

Faerytale, Folk and Fable: Tell me a story

In this workshop, participants learn the stepping stones to telling their own story, with hints, tips and techniques on how to build your chosen narrative into a performance.

Storytelling techniques will be explored through the use of theory and practical exercises to bring your tale to life in the true tradition of oral storytelling. 

In the afternoon there is the opportunity to tell your story and receive feedback from professional storyteller, Dawn Nelson.

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Language workshop harriet-plus-owl

4 July, 10am to 12.30pm £25. Tutor Harriett Earis

Language of the Britons

Following on from last year’s workshop, here is an exciting chance to learn more about the original language of Britain – namely Brittonic or Old Welsh – in an engaging and interactive way. The workshop will look at how the original language of Britain relates to English and other more recent European languages as well as introducing some of the earliest British literature – from the 5th and 6th centuries. The workshop will be suitable for new participants but will also develop what was done last year by looking at some different  extracts of the earliest British literature (namely poems in Old Welsh from Scotland and northern England) and by making some new connections between languages. Suitable for anyone with an interest in early history, literature and language in the British Isles.

Harriet has an MA in Anglo Saxon, Norse and Celtic Studies from Trinity College, Cambridge where she studied Old and Middle Welsh and Irish linguistics and literature. She is also a professional harpist and you can hear her setting some of these early poems to harp music in the evening concert in the round house on the same day.

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Butser storytelling Rider Waite tarot - DD Storyteller- Eleanor Sopwith

Photo: Eleanor Sopwith

11 July, 10am to 4pm, £50. Tutor Dawn Nelson. Storytelling

Tarot Tales

In this full day workshop join professional storyteller, DD Storyteller, to unlock story through tarot, oracle and/or story dice. 

By using the images and correspondences in the cards we can start to create our own fairytales, whether they be our own or fictional masterpieces yet to be written. 

Through games and exercises, throughout the day, participants will each develop a story based on cards from tarot or oracle decks. Participants are then encouraged to share their stories around the fire. 


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“I signed up to the story telling workshop with a mix of excitement and nerves. Dawn was great at making us all feel welcome and comfortable. It soon became clear there was no wrong answers, daft questions or prescribed way of storytelling. What we found was a font of knowledge, a space to explore and freedom to share. I came away inspired and feeling like I had made new friends. In fact I joined the Storytelling Club which takes place in the same amazing setting” – Heather Chalkley

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