Stories of the Vikings: Creation, Destruction, Magic

Stories of the Vikings: Creation, Destruction, Magic – Friday 15th March 2019 7.30 – 10pm

Stories from the Norse, legends of the Viking Gods … and an awful lot of giants along the way. An evening of storytelling with Jason Buck.
Full list of stories for this show…
– The Creation … of everything
– The building of Asgard’s walls and the birth of Odin’s eight legged horse Sleipnir
– Loki’s monstrous children and the binding of the great wolf Ferris
– The theft of Idun’s apples and how the Gods nearly died of old age
– The treasures of the Gods, and the forging of Thor’s hammer Mjolnir
– The theft of Mjolnir, and Thor is dressed as a bride
– Thor and Loki’s journey to Utgard and the competition with the giants
– The Death of the bright God Balder
– The imprisonment of Loki
– Ragnarok … the end of everything

Ages: Adult and young adult (14+)