Secondary school visit

Secondary school visit Key Stage 3/4
Butser Ancient Farm combines a superb rural setting with expertly reconstructed, archaeologically-based buildings, craft and technologies to provide an unsurpassed contextualised educational setting. Our site features buildings, objects and farm settings relevant to periods of British life from the Paleolithic to age of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.
To Book or enquire about your secondary school visit call 023 9259 8838 or email: Ancient Hampshire9.c.

A visit to Butser Ancient Farm covers a wide area of the curriculum at this level. As part of their history curriculum pupils can cover Prehistoric Life, Iron Age Celts and Romans, Early Civilisations. The emphasis is on historical enquiry using artefacts and the results of our experimental research.  A strong part of our work is in the field of interpretations of histories, encouraging discussion and debate. Pupils at this stage can also use a visit as background information for a Latin course, or for a day of study on sustainable resources or technology.

Your secondary school visit begins with an introductory talk, focussing on your chosen topic. Then all pupils participate in hands-on activities. Teachers are asked to choose four activities for their group. Every pupil has the opportunity to participate in all the chosen activities, regardless of the size of the group. Each activity demonstrates a key technology or craft, relevant to the period being studied. Instruction as well as the application and history of the activity is provided by members of Butser’s experienced education team.

For a list and description of the activities you can do, click here: Butser school activities

Because of the sheer breadth of history and pre-history with which we work, we recommend that school visitors focus on a period or periods, such as:

  • Stone Age + Bronze Age + Iron Age
  • Iron Age + Roman
  • Saxon + Viking or
  • Any single period.

Some activities might look similar for different periods, because they are applicable throughout those eras.


Secondary school visit prices for Sept 2019 – July 2020

Full day visit with 4 activities and a talk: £9.80 + VAT at 20%
Half day visit with 2 activities and a talk: £7.80 + VAT at 20%
The minimum charge is £196 + VAT (£235.50 incl VAT)
This is the equivalent to the cost of 20 children

Prices for Sept 2020 to July 2021

Full day with four activities and a talk: £10.20 plus VAT at 20% per child
Half day with two activities and a talk: £8.00 plus VAT at 20% per child
The minimum charge is £204 plus VAT (£244.80 incl VAT)
This is the equivalent to the cost of 20 children

Please note:

During the cold, wet months of the year we cannot offer clunching, daubing or pottery. If you have chosen one of these activities, we will offer an alternative on the day.