Saxons and Vikings – The Dark Ages Society at Butser

Saxons and Vikings – The Dark Ages Society at Butser Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th August

Join members of the Dark Ages Society to discover more about Saxon and Viking life and help uncover an interactive mystery.

Normal admission applies.

The year is 879; King Alfred’s forces continue to ensure the safety of Wessex. The Baptism of King Guthrum has reduced tensions between the Saxons, their allies and the numerous Viking factions under the Danelaw. So, we find ourselves in the South Downs at a local Saxon lord’s hall. The Viking tribes have come to trade, bringing fine crafts and the air is one of general merriment and optimism as the harvest approaches.

But, earlier in the year a small group of Viking raiders landed in Fulham. Word reaches them of a noble lord and his valuable helmet, and their leader sends his finest warriors to obtain it. Soon the helmet goes missing, an action that threatens to upset the good nature between the Vikings and their Saxon hosts.”

Travel back to 879 and help solve a Saxon mystery. Question Saxons and Vikings to find clues and eliminate suspects until you can identify the culprit. Members of the Dark Ages Society will be offering a glimpse life in the 9th century and an opportunity to explore parts of Saxon and Viking life though a fun mystery for visitors young and old to help solve. 

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