Roman Summer!


Join us this summer to celebrate all things Roman! All money raised will go towards our Roman Villa Renovation Project, which started in February 2016 and will cost £100,000 in total. Take part in Toga Tuesdays to learn more about Roman life, and visit our Glorious Games & Gladiators day to experience a real Roman gladiator fight! All our Roman Summer events are charged at normal entrance prices, and take place from 10am-5pm.

Toga Tuesdays!
Come along every Tuesday in August to learn a little more about Roman life…

1st August – Kitchen, Food & Home Life – BOOK HERE
Taste delicious Roman cooking and find out what Romans loved to eat and drink; learn how the Romans completed domestic chores before modern technology; make your own clay oil lamp; create hot, tasty drinks using herbs and honey!
8th August – Wardrobe & Weapons – BOOK HERE
Dress up as a Roman man, woman, boy or girl; have your hair styled like a Roman; learn about Roman make up and have your own makeover; have a look at real Roman weapons and even hold a gladius sword; find out how the Romans were so fierce in battle!
15th August – Art, Plays & Poetry – BOOK HERE
Children can take part in a short production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar with local theatre group Faybles; listen to original Roman poetry recitals in Poetry Corner; have a go at Roman seco painting and using different pigments and textures; create your own Vindolanda tablet; experiment with mosaics!
22nd August – Technology & Engineering – BOOK HERE
Learn how to build a real working hypocaust, an underfloor heating system brought over by the Romans; learn how to build a Roman archway; find out what a gromer is and how it was used to make the famous Roman roads!

Glorious Games & Gladiators!
Bank Holiday Monday 28th August – BOOK HERE
Have you ever wondered what a real Roman gladiator day would have been like? Now you can experience it at Butser Ancient Farm! Watch a real gladiator fight in our special arena, visit a real Roman market stall to buy some intriguing items, and enjoy a variety of other entertainment across the site.