Roman Feast and Cookery Workshop

Roman Feast and Cookery Workshop with Sally Grainger

Saturday 13th July 2019 12pm – 4pm

£50 per head


Join world-renowned cookery expert and chef Sally Grainger as she prepares and serves a feast fit for an Emperor using traditional ingredients and recipes enjoyed across Roman Britannia.

In this mixture of workshop and fine dining experience, you’ll learn Roman cookery techniques and delicacies under the expert guidance of Sally Grainger, as well as sitting down to sample your collective creations in true Roman style. What better venue than our newly refurbished Roman Villa, complete with mosaics, frescoes and hypocaust.

You will enjoy a wide selection of Roman delicacies from savoury to sweet, all drawn from authentic Roman sources.

Sally Grainger has worked with English Heritage and numerous museums demonstrating ancient cooking techniques and lecturing on Roman dining and food. She (with her husband Dr Christopher Grocock who will also be assisting with our Feast) published a new edition of the recipes text known as Apicius in 2006. Her research focuses on the trade in Roman fish sauce across the Mediterranean world.