Butser Ancient Farm is a world-famous experimental archaeology site – an open-air research laboratory where we are able to test theories that might tell us more about how our ancestors lived. Click through on the links below to find past, present and future experiments that we have undertaken or plan to undertake at the farm.

Stone Age

Iron Age



Other Structures

We also welcome research proposals from students and academics, and have previously worked with several universities and archaeology groups. Please contact if you would like to work with us. We also stock a number of published research papers which are available to buy in the gift shop for £5 each. The titles of these include:

The Discovery and Utilisation of Iron by A. G. Hamlin BSc
Rural Life and Farming by Peter J. Reynolds
Slash and Burn Experiment by Peter J. Reynolds
The Mediaeval Fence by Peter J. Reynolds
Experimental Reconstruction by Peter J. Reynolds
Mediaeval Cereal Yields: An Empirical Challenge by Peter J. Reynolds
The Nature of Experiment in Archaeology by Peter J. Reynolds
Deadstock and Livestock by Peter J. Reynolds
Crop Yields of the Prehistoric Cereal Types by Peter J. Reynolds
Romano-British Corn-Drying Oven: An Experiment by Peter J. Reynolds
A Traditional History of the Bronze Age in Western Europe by Timothy Concannon


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