Mosaic project update week 3/4

Trevor Creighton, projects co-ordinator gives a further update on the mosaic progress;

The mosaic is moving along beautifully. In week 3 we completed the wave pattern and a dry layout of the ‘swastika meander’ – the next pattern in the design.

The swastika is an incredibly widely distributed symbol, across time and the globe. It appears in Bronze Age art, in Hindu, Buddhist and Jane religious representations and in Greco-Roman art (among many others). It is almost everywhere a positive symbol. It was only in the 20th Century that it became associated with the horrors of Nazism.

The meander is a more straightforward pattern to lay (yay!) and we have been able to make quick progress. If you would like to see a little movie that reviews our progress over the past 4 weeks click on the link above in the heading strap – ‘Butser Mosaic – The Movie’

Here’s a photograph of the progress to date…


We’ve been making a timelapse of our progress so far; if only it were this fast in reality!

We also have a dedicated Butser mosaic blog here where you can follow our progress.


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