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Learn Something Old





27 Sacred sounds of the past. £60. Tutor Jez Smith. This is a sound research workshop, with a creative and spiritual outlook. Listening is not a passive activity. The way we listen plays an important role in how we understand the past as well as ourselves in the modern world. The workshop will involve basic playing of instruments and some simple singing/chanting, no musical experience is necessary. More information

27 and 28 July and 10 and 11 August, Make a Roman Gladius Sword. £500. Tutor Rod Hughes. Ever dreamed of owning your own hand-crafted sword? Join tutor Rod Hughes for a four day Gladius sword making course over two weekends, and go home with your own Roman Gladius sword.
The course includes teaching and assistance from a replica bladesmith, to create and take away your own Mainz or Pompeii style Gladius. It will cover a range of skills that would have been required to construct this iconic weapon. More information


4 Bronze Sword blade workshop SOLD OUT. £200. Make a Wilburton Sword blade. These workshops are limited to two participants, so you have lots of help and attention from Jim as you work. At the end of the workshop you will have a sand-cast sword blade. The piece is rough cast, ready for finishing, polishing and edging according to your own preference. James will advise you on how to complete this aspect of your work at home. More information

4 Saxon har-hung door. £90 Join treewright Darren Hammerton and learn the woodworking techniques required how to make a hinged door without metal-work in the Saxon style.You’ll enjoy hands-on work with good quality oak and be involved in the process of making a traditional door. More information

10 and 11 Make a Roman Gladius Sword – part two.

17 Blacksmithing workshop. £120. Tutor Joe Tyler. You will learn the basics of blacksmithing and make a fire poker or candle holder to take home with you.  No experience is necessary but you need to be reasonably fit and able to use a hammer. More information

18 Make wattle hurdles. SOLD OUT £90. Wattling is the tradtional, ancient process of weaving flexible lengths of wood between timber uprights. Hurdles use split wooden length to increase flexibility and lighten structure. They are beautiful as light garden walls and can be used in roof structures as a bed for thatch. Tutor Darrren Hammerton will teach you this valuable craft and give you the basis of a skill which you can use in the future. More information

18 Faerytale, folk and fable. Part 1: The Story Collectors. £50. From Basile to the Grimms we take  a brief look at the story collectors from the 15th century to present day with local writer and storyteller, Dawn Nelson. Discover the evolving nature of stories, explore some of the narratives of our childhood, listen to some of the old tales and learn more about the oral storytelling tradition. More information

31  Bronze casting SOLD OUT, £175 per person, maximum 2 people. Learn the art of bronze casting and make your own axe or knife. You can choose to make a replica of a middle Bronze Age Palstave axe head found nearby in the Meon valley, or a replica of an antennae knife from the late Bronze Age. More information


1 Flint knapping, £75.Discover how our ancestors made tools out of stones in the ground with flint knapper and author Bob Turner. Learn to understand flint as a material and how to knap and work it to make ancient tools. More information

7  Ancient Skills. Fire and glue making, £75. Join Mark Havey from the Butser Education team and  discover how our ancient ancestors gathered materials and made use of them. You will learn fire making techniques and how to make glue from natural materials that you can then use for joining weapons and tools to wooden hafts. More information

7 Medicinal herbs through time, £65. A look at medicinal plants and their uses through time with Medical Herbalist Laura Uphill. More information

15 Faerytale, Folk & Fable. Part 2: Tell Me A Story £50Join local writer and storyteller, Dawn Nelson to explore the essence of fairytale, it’s structure, symbolism, tropes and motifs. You will build on the story you outlined in part one of this course and learn some basic storytelling techniques to bring your tale to life in the true tradition of oral storytelling. More Information

28 Autumn foraging Saturday 28 September. £60 per person. Join Tamara Colchester on a mindful foraging walk. Discover how best to prepare the riches of the autumnal hedgerow. From processing acorns for coffee, digging up roots for cough syrups and nourishing stews, and finding berries for delicious drinks. More Information


5 Ancient Living, Saturday 5 October and overnight to 9am Sunday 6 October. £160 per person. A chance to experience life in the Neolithic, learning the skills you would need to survive, cook your own meals and sleep in an ancient house. More information

5 Tarot Tales, morning workshop 10am to 1pm. £35.  Italo Calvino, an Italian folklorist, was said to have outlined some of his novels using the Celtic Cross spread used in Tarot. Whether it’s a divination tool, a deep spiritual belief or a hobby, tarot holds magic for many and can unlock the key to countless stories.Join local writer and storyteller, Dawn Nelson to unlock your story through tarot, oracle and/or story dice, and tell it. More information

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