Workshop Calendar 2019

Pre-booking required for all workshops.
Workshops run 10am-4pm unless otherwise stated.
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02392 598838.

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Learn Something Old




28 Autumn foraging Saturday 28 September. £60 per person. Join Tamara Colchester on a mindful foraging walk. Discover how best to prepare the riches of the autumnal hedgerow. From processing acorns for coffee, digging up roots for cough syrups and nourishing stews, and finding berries for delicious drinks. More Information


5 Saxon har-hung door. £90 Join treewright Darren Hammerton and learn the woodworking techniques required how to make a hinged door without metal-work in the Saxon style.You’ll enjoy hands-on work with good quality oak and be involved in the process of making a traditional door. More information

5 Ancient Living, Saturday 5 October and overnight to 9am Sunday 6 October. £160 per person. A chance to experience life in the Neolithic, learning the skills you would need to survive, cook your own meals and sleep in an ancient house. More information

5 Tarot Tales, morning workshop 10am to 1pm. £35.  Italo Calvino, an Italian folklorist, was said to have outlined some of his novels using the Celtic Cross spread used in Tarot. Whether it’s a divination tool, a deep spiritual belief or a hobby, tarot holds magic for many and can unlock the key to countless stories.Join local writer and storyteller, Dawn Nelson to unlock your story through tarot, oracle and/or story dice, and tell it. More information

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