Workshops 2019

Learn Something Old

Workshops in metalworking, ancient skills, flint knapping, leather working, wood working, felting, mosaic, music, language, bushcraft and herbal medicine.

Immerse yourself in the ancient world and learn some of the crafts and techniques that our ancestors used to make everything they needed. This is a unique learning environment where you will be surrounded by buildings from 5000 years’ of human history from the New Stone Age to the Saxon period. Our workshops will give you an unforgettable hands-on experience of the past. Our workshop spaces include a Neolithic long house, Iron Age roundhouses, a Roman villa and a Saxon house, as well as outdoor work areas.

We also offer special workshops for groups including flint knapping for field archaeologists, bronze casting and Roman mosaic making. Contact us for details.

Our bookings are processed by Ticketsource. Please be aware that there are fees associated with bookings, which vary according to the cost of workshops.

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mist and smoke roundhouses










Our workshops are run by tutors with a passion for their craft. They will help you learn a new skill, make an object using traditional techniques and create something uniquely hand made.


Metal working

Start as a beginner or refine your skills, we have a range of workshops making objects in copper, bronze, iron and silver. You can create jewellery inspired by archaeological finds, make a silver Viking ring or cast and axe or knife in bronze to make your own treasure.

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 Flint knapping 

Dating back thousands of years to the Stone Age, flint knapping is the technique of shaping stone into tools. You will learn what made the people of the Stone Age so skilled in their ability to craft the tools they needed from flint.

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 Ancient Skills

Spend a day learning some of the basic skills you would need to survive in prehistoric Britain. Learn to make your own Mesolithic spear using ancient skills of flint knapping, cordage making and fire lighting. Or try Ancient Living with a night at Butser Ancient Farm sleeping in one of our houses.

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Plants and fabrics

Nettle and flax workshops will teach you how to use these natural fibres, to harvest and process, to spin and to weave. Enjoy a foraging workshop or discover the healing power of herbal medicine. Needle felt a funky fox.

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Leather work 

Traditional skills that will teach you to create beautiful hand-made objects using natural materials. learn to make a Viking leather pouch.

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Stories, language and music

Listen to the voice of the past, the language and the stories, and hear some of the music our ancestors enjoyed. Find out more



Mosaic making

Learn the techniques and styles of Roman mosaic-making. Make your own Roman-style mosaic to take home. Find out more



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Available online, by phone 02392 598838 or from the Butser Ancient Farm shop.