Lammas Festival

Lammas Festival

Friday 2nd August gates open at 7pm for the event to start at 7.30pm – 10pm 

£15 per person

Join us to celebrate the ancient Celtic Festival of Lammas or Lughnasadh, an ancient  celebration of the summer and the gathering of the first harvest. Lammas is a Saxon word meaning ‘Loaf-mass’, Lughnasadh (pronounced Loo-nas-ah) is Irish Gaelic. At Lammas, fires were lit to honour the corn mother as she gives birth to her harvest child, the grain, who will sustain life over the winter. Music, storytelling and feasting would take place to celebrate the abundance of the earth and a successful harvest.

Jonathon Huet will host an evening of storytelling and poetry to celebrate the importance of the sacred landscape, gathered together in our great roundhouse. In this festival we will connect with the importance of the land, its livestock and crops working towards creating harmony with the landscape. Learn the traditions, stories and poems of this time of year and make a craft to connect with the creativity of this time. This unique event will bring together the traditions of the land here in Hampshire in a fun, inspiring and meaningful way.

Gather together with friends and like-minded souls to experience a peaceful summer evening, giving thanks for the sun’s warmth and fertility of the earth.