Ideas for packed lunches

Bringing a packed lunch is part of the whole experience of going on a school trip. If you would like to extend this experience for your class, here are some suggestions for the sort of foods that would have been available to people in Ancient Briton:

Prehistoric lunch

People in Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age Britain would have had these foods available to them:

• Bread – wholemeal only

• Butter

• Cheese

• Egg (only in spring and summer)

• Ham

• Cooked meat

• Celery

• Apples

• Plums

• Flapjack (made with oats, honey and butter, with hazelnuts – optional)

Roman lunch

The Romans would have had all the same things as in the prehistoric lunches plus the following:

• Fish (sardines, pilchards, mackerel)

• Grapes

• Pears

• Cake (made with sultanas, raisins or almonds)


Small boxed juice drinks are not really sufficient for a day visit. We recommend a named bottle which can be refilled with water from our taps.

You could experiment with water flavoured with herbs such as mint or sage. This works best with hot water and may be sweetened with honey and allowed to cool before pouring into the bottle.

Please note:

• All rubbish must be taken away from the site for disposal.

• Black bin bags are available in the shop for 20p

• If there is sufficient time, children can have some free ‘playtime’ after lunch on the grass area between the Roundhouse enclosure and the Roman villa.

• Hot and cold drinks are available to purchase in the shop