Holly King – an ancient midwinter celebration

Holly King – An ancient midwinter celebration

Saturday 21st December

Sunday 22nd December

Monday 23rd December

£10 per person (adults and children) under 2’s free

A special experience for parents and children to join the ancient midwinter celebration of the Holly King. In the dark, cold days of midwinter the holly tree grows green in forest. When the summer trees have lost their leaves, the Holly King stands guard over the forest and its birds and animals, caring for them during the winter.

We celebrate the vigil of the Holly King, reminding us that although the nights are long now, the season will turn and the green leaves of spring will come again. The Holly King is hope for the coming year.


We welcome small groups to come and hear the story of the Holly King, told sitting by the fire in a warm roundhouse, and meet the Holly King.

When you arrive, we will work together to create a special gift for the Holly King, each child bringing a hand-made present to help the Holly King through the long winter. We walk along the the paths to the roundhouse, and enter the Holly King’s winter forest, following our guide to the storyteller’s fire.

We will hear the story of the Holly King and the midwinter Moon, celebrating the longest night and the turning of the year. The children will give the Holly King the special gifts they have made to help him. There will also be a chance to take photos of the children with the Holly King.

As the Holly King returns to forest, we trace our way back from the roundhouse, along the pathways, back to where we began, with hope for the coming year.

Please note that the site will be closed to all other visitors during this ticket-only event. Visitors will be booked in for a one-hour event. Please arrive a little before the start time.

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