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Flint knapping workshop with Bob Turner, Saturday 18 May £75. 

Discover how our ancestors made tools out of stones in the ground with flint knapper and author Bob Turner. Learn to understand flint as a material and how to knap and work it to make ancient tools. Discover the talents and skills of ancient Britons and go home with a flint tool you have made yourself! Looking at earliest ‘man’ who lived here half a million years ago up to when metal replaced flint, we will look at the tools of Heidelbergensis, Neanderthal and earliest Homo Sapiens. Bob is an associate tutor at Sussex University archaeology department and has been flint knapping for over 10 years, running courses at Sussex University, Chichester College, Brinsbury College, the National Trust, English Heritage and Amberley Open Air Museum. This course also contains demos on how to percussion knap and pressure flaking and direct instruction on a one-to-one basis. Flint knapping can be done by anybody so come and try to replicate your heritage!

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Flint tools –  an advanced study day with Bob Turner. 15 June. £95.

This is a day of flint study for the field archaeologist or flint tool enthusiast who wishes to go beyond introductory knapping and identification, and gain a deeper understanding of the flints that they excavate. This advanced study day, with flint authority Bob Turner, begins with an evaluation of flint – its morphology and characteristics as a technology. That is followed with an in depth evaluation of the flint tools and debitage from the Final Upper Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Age. The objective of the workshop is to provide a clear insight into the manufacturing techniques, with a particular emphasis on flint finds from southern British archaeological sites.

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Flint tools – advanced making and identification with Bob Turner. 7 July. £95.

This study and making day is for those interested in flint evaluation and methods of manufacture – particularly field archaeologists, students with a developing interest in flint tools, and for archaeologists – professional and amateur – who wish to hone their flint identification knowledge. This course deals with the evaluation of debitage, as material of equal importance to tools, with an emphasis on typical flint finds from southern British excavations.

In the morning you will join flint tool authority Bob Turner in an evaluation of the British flint tool assemblage, from the Final Upper Paleolithic to the Bronze Age. The afternoon is devoted to knapping techniques, with a particular focus on methods as they relate to specific tool types.

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