Family Warrior Camp

Family Warrior Camp

Photos from our 2018 Family Warrior Camp can be found here.

img_0874-webWe have designed these weekends for whole families, or a parent with one or two children and as you will be responsible for your children we have not set any age limits. (we ask for a maximum of two children per adult in your family group and you remain responsible for your child at all times during the weekend)

Family Warrior Camp is offering the challenges of Iron Age living but using some modern materials as well. Activities will include shelter building, open fire lighting and cooking, making rope bridges, simple raft building, working cooperatively, walking in the countryside and most importantly enjoying thirty six hours of your family working together towards a common goal.

Dates and times – Friday 21st June to Sunday 23rd June 2019

Arrival between 17:30 and 18:30  on Friday

Depart after Lunch on Sunday

Medical forms and food allergy forms will need to be completed to take part in our family warrior camp.

Cost:  One adult and one child families are £140 with each additional adult or child charged at £60 each for the weekend. (There must be a minimum of one adult per two children and you remain responsible for your children at all times during the weekend)

This price includes all food, drink, and accommodation as well as a jam-packed schedule of activities from 17.30 on Friday night till after lunchtime on Sunday.

Equipment list

Make sure to bring the following items for each family member in your group to ensure you have an enjoyable experience!

  • Outdoor Warm Clothing
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Roll Mat
  • Walking boots of trainers (with comfortable hard wearing soles)
  • Washing kit
  • Towel
  • Wooly Hat (the nights may be cold!)
  • Waterproofs
  • spoon
  • mug
  • bowls (x2)
  • spare socks and underwear.

Food will be provided but will be basic and you will be cooking it! (we will also have tea and coffee – adults without a caffeine fix are difficult to motivate!)

Kit List – advice from Keith 

Outdoor clothing- suitable for the weather predicted! It can get quite cold at night so I suggest a fleece as well as a sweater or two! You will be sleeping outside so a tracksuit or warm top and trousers make it easier to stay warm asleep! Spare clothes but we are outside so you do not need a full wardrobe change! And you will have a bag of smoky smelling clothes to take home at the end so another polythene bag may save the car from the smoky smells

You will need a waterproof and I do not suggest your very best £200 extreme coat….little flaming embers from open fires burn holes!

Hard wearing shoes – trainers are fine but slippery in the morning dew or rain! Warm socks,a hat, Trousers will get muddy and wet so they need to be comfortable!

Wash Kit, Towel, (Knife, Fork,) Spoon, two bowls( or a bowl and plate) MUG, ( the most common forgotten object!) A tea towel if you like drying up!

Sleeping bag, roll mat, Pillow, (if you have a very thin sleeping bag then make sure you have a warm top to sleep in!) A bag to keep your clothes in ( and please put in a black polythene bag to put your kit in if the weather is wet!)

If your knees are delicate do bring a mat to kneel on….comfort for the parents! There will be makings for hot drinks – I know Adults need caffeine!

I am really looking forward to meeting you all – if you have any questions please let Victoria know and if she cannot answer then she will get in touch with me!

Provisional Activities schedule (programme may be subject to change)


17:30 Arrival and check-in.

18:00 Briefing. Knots and Shelters. Shelter building

20:00 Dinner, clearing up, Fire-lighting – making kindling, laying a fire, correct use of matches, handling knives correctly, lighting a fire



07:00 Briefing, Fire lighting – Cooking Fires Demonstration. Breakfast –  Porridge, Eggs and Bacon

09:00 Fire lighting – matches, axes, kindling, fire starting, knots, ovens, use of strikers, stalking

12:00 Lunch, move to pond site, raft building

15:30 Adventurous activities in woods, hide and see, Kim’s game,

17:00 Back to Butser Ancient Farm, Fire-lighting (sparks, hay) Preparing three-course supper.

18:00 Supper, clearing up.




07:00 Prepare Fires, Cooking breakfast

08:30 Rope bridges, hide and see

11:00 Carving in Cuttlefish Bone, Smelting (Charcoal Making, Char Cloth Making)

12:30 Lunch

13:00 Clear up/ Debrief/ Crib Sheets

14:00 Depart

PLEASE NOTE: Programme may be subject to change

Tutor: Keith Page MBE

If you would like to know more details please call the farm on 02392 598838 or email

Butser Warrior Camp


Butser Warrior Camp cooking