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Special edition Butser Ancient Farm Christmas cards

Each pack of 6 cards contains three watercolour scenes, painted by Steve Whitehead. 2 x Neolithic House, 2 x Iron Age Enclosure and 2 x Roman Villa. * Cards will be posted first class each Thursday.  Last day for online purchase is Tuesday 8th December.

These packs are also available direct from the Butser Shop at £4.50 per pack.  The shop is open weekdays until Friday 18th December, 10-4pm. Please note that it is more expensive to purchase online due to admin fees and postage and packing. However, if you live further away this is your chance to receive a little bit of Butser this Christmas.

Buy Butser Christmas cards here.

Friday 18th December   Saturnalia: The Roman ‘Christmas’

A very special session for children to discover how the Romans celebrated this time of year, in honour of the deity Saturn. The holiday was usually accompanied by sacrifices, a public banquet and a carnival atmosphere in which social norms were inverted and masters waited on the tables of their servants! Session takes place 2-3pm and includes a gift and craft session. £12 per child including one free adult. Extra adults charged at standard admission.

Buy Tickets for Saturnalia here.

Friday 18th December   Tales of Winter Magic! Storytelling with Red Phoenix

Join us around the fire with a delicious hot chocolate, and listen to festive tales in the great roundhouse. This event takes place after our Saturnalia celebrations. £12 per child including one free adult. Extra adults charged at standard admission.

 Buy tickets for Tales of Winter Magic here.

Saturday 19th December   Meditation with Madeleine Allison

Celebrate Winter Solstice at the farm as the year begins to turn. We invite you to share the magic and promise of winter’s deep beauty, within the dark quiet and firelight of the great roundhouse. 2-4pm, cost £18 to include some home made refreshments.

Book your place on the Mid Winter Meditation here.


Saturday 30th January   Imbolc 2016: Celtic Spring Festival

Jonathon lighting a fire

Prepare to bid farewell to the cold winter nights and gradually welcome in the spring! It is held half way between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, and we’ll have storytelling, poetry, singing and firelight (with Jonathon Huet of Walk With Trees) to make this year’s festival one to remember.

Tickets are £12 and include a light vegetarian meal.

 Buy tickets for Imbolc here.

Saturday 30th April   Beltain Festival 2016:  Burning of the Wickerman

Join us for live music, falconry, astronomy, ancient and traditional crafts, local ale & food. The evening culminates with the burning of the giant wicker man, as we welcome in the summer months and hope for a good harvest!  Tickets can be pre-booked on line for a great saving.  These will be available after Christmas.