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Upcoming Festivals:

Saturday 30th April   Beltain Festival 2016:  Burning of the Wickerman

Join us for live music, falconry, astronomy, ancient and traditional crafts, local ale & food. The evening culminates with the burning of the giant wicker man, as we welcome in the summer months and hope for a good harvest!  Tickets can be pre-booked on line for a great saving.

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Events 2016

Imbolc: Celtic Spring Festival, 1-4pm * Jan 30
Half term Roman Activities including Lego & Minecraft competition, 15-19 Feb

Warrior Camp (Age 8-14) * Apr 4-8
Butser Young Archaeologists’ Club, 2-4pm Apr 16 – visit to Southsea
Beltain Wickerman Festival, 4.30-10pm * Apr 30
Theatre in the Roundhouse: The Terrible Infant * May 14 & May 20

Performed by Chichester College. Click here for tickets from Chichester College.

Lecture: Secrets of the High Woods  7.30pm  May 19
Butser Young Archaeologists’ Club, 2-4pm May 21 at Butser
Fairy Festival, 2-5pm Jun 12
Lecture: How Roman was Roman Britain?  7.30pm Jun 16
Butser Young Archaeologists’ Club, 2-4pm Jun 18 at Butser
Weapons & Warriors, 10-4pm Jun 19

Summer Solstice: Stars, Moon, Sleepover and Sunrise, 20th June, 10pm-Midnight  * please note that unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances our High Priestess is unable to attend this evening. However, the event will still happen with a talk from Hants Astro at 10pm, a Mead bar and a chance to view stars, planets and the moon through amazing telescopes!

Minecraft & Lego competition entries close, 30 June
Theatre in the Roundhouse: Lark Rise * Jul 15

Performed by Headley Theatre Club, click here to book tickets direct.

Butser Young Archaeologists’ Club, 2-4pm Jul 16 at Butser
Secrets of the High Woods Exhibition Jul 18-31
Lecture: Cooks in Ancient Rome, 7.30pm Jul 21
Try It! Day/Festival of Archaeology, 10-5pm Jul 22
Warrior Camp (Age 8-14) * Jul 25-29
Flint Knapping & Lithics Soc Weekend Aug 6-7
Lecture: Pit Firing Ceramics, 7.30pm Aug 18
Butser Young Archaeologists’ Club, 2-4pm Sep 17 in Petersfield
Lecture: Who are the Britons? 7.30pm Sep 22
Wood is Good! Woodcraft Fayre with the Hampshire Coppice Group Sep 25

Butser Young Archaeologists’ Club, 2-4pm Oct 15 in Colemore

Samhain * Oct 21

Storytelling & Spirit Hunt Oct 26
Fright Night * Saturday Oct 29
Saturnalia * Dec 16
Tales of Winter Magic * Dec 19
Farm closed for maintenance Dec 20-Jan 9

2017 Events:

Imbolc 2017 * Feb 4
Beltain 2017 * Apr 29

* Pre-booking advised

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