Butser Archaeology Club

Would you like to try an archaeological dig, explore ancient pottery or find out how ancient peoples built their homes? Our Archaeology Club is run by enthusiastic professional leaders and provides hands-on activity sessions once a month on a Saturday between 2-4pm during the summer months. The majority of members are aged 8 to 12, however sometimes we run sessions for children outside of this age bracket. We are also looking for volunteer leaders and young leaders (teenagers) who would like help out from time to time. If you are interested please get in touch.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Butser Archaeology Club, get in touch on 02392 598838 or 07710 162504 and ask for Gwen, or email gwen@butserancientfarm.co.uk to find out more. You can also join the Facebook group here where you will find the latest information regarding session dates.

To book for one of Archaeology club dates please visit our booking website here and find the archaeology club event you would like to book.