Ancient Cookery Workshops

Saturday June 1, Iron Age cookery, £70, Now £60. Optional overnight stay £35.  Or,  Sunday June 2, Saxon cookery. Join Caroline, food interpreter at Pario Gallico, on a day-long workshop to discover what kind of food, utensils and cooking techniques IMG_20170805_131309134were available to our ancestors during the late Iron Age and Saxon eras. The day will start with a short introduction to the concept of historical food and what information archaeology reveals about ancient diets. Participants will cook together a two – three course meal over a fire using period-accurate ingredients, replica utensils (pots, knives…) and techniques from the relevant time period. Starting with managing a kitchen fire, preparing food with a historical knife and using clay cooking pots the participants will then share the meal they prepared for lunch before discovering a few techniques to wash the dishes … the ancient way!


The aim is to show (and taste) how far from the idea of bland porridge and watery gruel historical food can be, presenting recipes that participants will be able to adapt to their modern kitchens or campfires. There will be opportunities for open discussions, questions and/or short talks over lunch and at the end of the day. The participants are encouraged to work together to create one or two communal dishes, then have the possibility to experiment with ingredients to create and cook flat breads, cakes, butter etc to take home or enjoy as a snack during the day.

Refreshments such as tea, coffee, squash and biscuits are provided on the day (bringing your own mug/reusable cup will be much appreciated).

Lunch is cooked and shared as part of the workshop, though feel free to bring your own lunch / snacks if you like… and don’t forget to bring your own tupperwares to take your creations home!

After the course, participants also have the opportunity to book a night on site and to sleep in one of the reconstructed houses!

Caroline will spend the night on site as well, so you can enjoy a break from historical food and go to the pub or enjoy a meal cooked around the fire (basic meal provided if you let Caroline know when you book the course, but feel free to bring any snacks/sweet options you might want). A time to relax, chat around the fire, bring board games or instruments and enjoy a night away from the modern world.

To book your course, please contact Caroline by email ( You will be sent a booking form to fill in and return with payment. Once both are received you will be booked on the course. (First come, first serve basis! 10 places available)

Optional overnight stay: £35.00 per person for workshop participants. To Book the optional overnight stay please contact Butser Ancient Farm direct by contacting or call: 023 9259 8838

 ALLERGIES: Please make sure to let us know if you suffer from any food-related allergies or illnesses, and if you have any dietary requirements or personal preferences we should take into account. We will try our best to make this workshop accessible for all: if you worry or have any question, please contact Caroline / Pario Gallico.