Workshop Schedule

Workshops 2014
Felt Wall Hanging workshop (half day) with Madeleine AllisonLearn the fascinating art of making felt with wool and soap. Create a stunning wall hanging to take home. £30 Sat 12th JulyThe Felt Pictures 001
Cave Painting (half day) with Madeleine AllisonExplore the ancient painting techniques used by cave dwellers.  Use natural pigments to make your own unique cave painting panel to take home. £30 Sat 2nd Augcave painting 2
Herbal Apothecary with Laura UphillLearn how to safely  treat small ills & first aid problems at home.  Study a variety of herbs and herbal preparations,and create your own ‘Herbal First Aid Kit’Discover how a trip to the garden or hedgerow can save you a trip to the chemist. £60 Sat 16th AugOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Bronze Sword workshop with Neil BurridgeWork on your own 28″ Hallstatt sword. This sword represents the final development in bronze swords in Britain.  In this workshop you will clean and finish your blade, forge the edges on it and look at different handle and scabbard types with information provided.  £175 Sat 16th Aughalstat
Make a Silver Wrist Torque with Neil BurridgeThe Bronze Age metal workers in Britain reached new artistic heights with the forging and twisting of bronze and gold in the manufacture of torques, pins and bracelets.  Under Neil’s expert guidance you will be using the same techniques and working with 2.4 mm square sterling silver rod to make your own bracelet with twisted body and forged terminals.This is a practical, ‘hands on’ workshop designed for people with no previous experience. £70 Sun 17th AugSONY DSC
Flint Knapping with Bob TurnerDiscover how our ancestors made tools out of the stones in the ground.Learn to understand flint as a material and how to knap and work it to make ancient tools.

Discover the talents and skills of ancient Britons and go home with a flint tool you have made yourself.

Archaeology Illustration with Bob Turner £50 Sun 14th Sep
Ideal for anyone interested in archaeology, who would like to learn more about how to illustrate your findings. 

Previous workshops held at Butser:

Make a Coracle with Ryan WattsMake your very own one man boat to take home at the end of the day. £120 Sun 1st JuneSONY DSC
Experimental Archaeology with Ryan WattsButser Ancient Farm was the driving force in the development of experimental archaeology.In this interesting workshop you will:

  • discover the two elements of experimental archaeology
  • learn the difference between archaeological experiments and living history and
  • design and create your own experiment and test it out.
£50 Sat 28th June
Smelting Copper workshop with Fergus MiltonA day of prehistoric alchemy! Learn how to transform beautiful green malachite ore into useful copper metal.  Discover where metals come from and how our ancestors made useful tools and weapons from this wonderful new material. You will work with bag-bellows and simple clay furnaces and if successful, will produce a small copper ingot or other simple shape, as a long-lasting souvenir of a magical day. £80 Sat 28th Junefile2108
Prehistoric Bronze Casting  with Fergus Milton                             2010-11-25 09.28.54Early humans made the very first metal items by laboriously hammering lumps of raw metal into shape. A major advance came when they learned to cast objects, using moulds to contain the liquid metal as it cooled and solidified.In this one day workshop you will be guided to make two simple moulds (a clay bivalve and a lost-wax mould) for the casting of two small objects. Success cannot be guaranteed but with some skill and luck, you will take away a unique souvenir or two of a fascinating day learning prehistoric bronze casting.