We extend a warm welcome to all our visitors, including those who may have problems with accessibility. The car park includes disabled parking near our visitor centre, and the centre itself has a disabled toilet. We also have a wheelchair available for visitors to use which can be asked for on arrival, or you can reserve it before your visit by calling 02392 598838.

The site itself is within a grassy field over a couple of acres, with some footpaths but mainly grass, on a slight incline. The distance between each area is not huge – around 50 metres. Some of the entrances to the buildings have a slight bump, but the majority of visitors have not found this to be a problem.

Visitors can enjoy a timeline of areas starting with Stone Age, progressing through to Iron Age roundhouses, a Roman villa and finishing with the new Saxon longhouse. Each site has interpretation boards and all areas are accessible to wheelchair, except one room in the villa which has a slightly narrow doorway due to the original archaeology. However, it is possible to look through the door into the room.

There are a variety of animals on site (depending on the time of year) such as goats, sheep, lambs and pigs. It is possible for visitors to buy feed for the animals in our shop – always a popular pastime for all ages!

There are several activities for visitors to partake in, many of which allow for sensory exploration through smell, touch and sight; the crackle of the fire within the roundhouse, with heat and light from flames and the way the smoke plateaus in the roof. There are tabletop activities such as creating a mosaic pattern using tiles in the villa, or indoor archaeology using brushes to reveal artefacts. We also provide a children’s quiz throughout the year and a special trail in school holidays.

Please see our Opening Hours for our seasonal opening times. Bespoke group visits and activities can also be arranged, where we can really tailor visits to specific needs. This could even include a staff-led activity where something is learnt or made to take home.