Fabric, plants, weaving and healing

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Plants for food, for fabric, healing and weaving.

Nettle, flax, weaving, medicine, herbs.



















Medicinal herbs through time. Saturday 7 September, £65

A look at medicinal plants and their uses through time with Medical Herbalist Laura Uphill. How much has the use of local and garden plants changed when treating disease? This workshop will look at taste and use of the plants, as well as discussion and preparation of herbs as they would have been used in the past.

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Autumn Foraging Workshop with Tamara Colchester. Saturday 28 September. £60

As the wheel of the year turns towards autumn, this foraging workshop will take you deeper into the rich abundance of the berries, nuts and roots that nourish all those living close to the earth.

This foraging workshop will reveal how best to prepare the riches of the autumnal hedgerow. From processing acorns for coffee, digging up roots for cough syrups and nourishing stews, and finding berries for delicious drinks, we will immerse ourselves in the joyous business of preparing our larders for the winter to come.

A mindful foraging walk, strengthening wild soup, and plenty of time to revise all we’ve gathered over fresh herbal tea, this workshop ensures that everyone feels confident with how best to prepare all we’ve learnt as both food and medicine.

This herbal knowledge has long been our heritage, and reconnecting with the landscape in this way is both very simple and often quite profound. It is a lesson that will last a lifetime.

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